Get Involved

Letter Writing

Statistically shown to be the most effective means of influencing a voter, sign up with Vote Forward to do a letter writing campaign.

Poll Worker

The lovely people that work at polling places and sign you in to cast your vote are traditionally older citizens. Many of them may stay home this year. Sign up to serve as a PAID election worker in your community at Power the Polls

Share on Social

Share this site or the links within it to your friends and family and on social media to make sure your community knows when/how to vote!

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Join up with Obama

When We All Vote, Michelle Obama’s project, is addressing the age and race voting gap by changing the culture around voting. Join their volunteers in registering and engaging voters through a texting program that utilizes tested and proven language. Click here to join their texting team, or learn about other volunteer opportunities here.

Donate to Biden

Every dollar counts!! You can give a maximum of $2,800 per individual to the campaign, and up to $721,300 to the Biden Victory Fund.

Voter Participation

Voter Participation Center: This is among the best use of dollars to help get every American to vote!!

Get Out The Vote

It’s not too late to dive into the campaign to Help GOTV, which has virtual options to help in swing states.

Lawyers for Biden

You're desperately needed as a poll observer and maybe more! Sign up with the campaign to protect the vote. Share with all your lawyer friends!

Phone Bank

Old school phone banking works. It helps ensure people have registered and have a plan to vote. And there are still a number of undecided voters out there. Take the time to talk with them, learn about their lives and find some common ground on which to support Joe! Mobilize

Download Biden

Download the Team Joe App to help contact your friends and make sure the campaign knows who is going to vote and who needs help! Apple: or Android

Work for Biden

Spread the word to your tech friends about jobs the campaign is hiring for (all tech) so we can get those roles filled asap! Apply now!


Swing Left has built an army of volunteers targeting 12 Super States where every vote will have multiple impacts from the presidential to the Senate to state legislatures. Find your local volunteer community that you can join virtually to take action.